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  • 110.5K 110 459
  • 1.168M 1 167 939
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Most Downloaded

  • 6 883 450 downloads Productive. Reliable. Fast. A productive web framework that does not compromise speed or maintain... published 2994 days ago

  • 6 706 748 downloads Internationalization and localization through gettext published 2484 days ago

  • 6 516 059 downloads Tzdata is a parser and library for the tz database. published 2683 days ago

  • 5 994 701 downloads A blazing fast JSON parser and generator in pure Elixir. published 1653 days ago

  • 5 907 118 downloads A Plug adapter for Cowboy published 1351 days ago

  • 5 603 309 downloads Timex is a rich, comprehensive Date/Time library for Elixir projects, with full timezone support ... published 2993 days ago

  • 5 577 009 downloads Compose web applications with functions published 2992 days ago

  • 5 563 589 downloads PostgreSQL driver for Elixir published 2993 days ago

New Packages

  • Unofficial SpiceDB library for Elixir published 11 hours ago

  • A lighter version of Reather; Combination of Reader and Either monads published 12 hours ago

  • Elixir wrapper around :ordsets published 15 hours ago

  • Seqy is an events sequentializer. Need to process events in a specific order? Seqy can help. published 18 hours ago

  • Casts strings to urls, validates hostnames, and removes redundant and tracking elements. published 1 day ago

  • Simple HTTP client for the Shibboleth IdP metrics and reload API published 1 day ago

  • Wrapper of OpenTelemetry functions for Membrane Multimedia Framework published 1 day ago

  • Mix task with YAML formatter for open_api_spec library published 1 day ago

  • Enhance of Elixir, make code more clean. published 2 days ago

  • Data anonymization for your Ecto models published 2 days ago

Recently Updated

  • A Client for Elixir 1.1.0 published 50 minutes ago

  • Nerves System - BeagleBone Black, BeagleBone Green, PocketBeagle and more 2.15.1 published 2 hours ago

  • Elixir Email API for MailSlurp 15.12.11 published 3 hours ago

  • A STOMP client to listen to, for example, AMQ. A fork of ericteubert's Elephant package. 0.1.0 published 5 hours ago

  • A Gleam mathematics and statistics library. 1.1.0 published 5 hours ago

  • ERD generator for Ecto users 0.5.0 published 10 hours ago

  • Unofficial SpiceDB library for Elixir 0.0.1 published 11 hours ago

  • A library for run-time system code line-level coverage analysis. You can use it to evulate the in... 0.5.3 published 11 hours ago

  • Provides a simple to use profiling mechanism to inspect the behavior of an application on a targe... 1.1.0 published 12 hours ago

  • A lighter version of Reather; Combination of Reader and Either monads 0.1.0 published 12 hours ago