Naming Dispute Policy

This document describes Hex’s policy regarding disputes around package, user, and organization names.

When does this policy apply?

  1. You want take over the name of an abandoned package.

  2. You are the original author of a project published by another user.

  3. You want to report name “squatting”.

  4. You want to report an intentionally confusing or misleading name.

If you wish to report squatting, confusing, or misleading name

Please contact and explain why you wish the name should be removed. This process should only be used if you think the package violates our Code of Conduct or Terms of Service.

If you wish to acquire an existing package name

If you wish to acquire an existing name find the emails of the package owners or users by going to the specific package or user page and find the emails to contact the original owners. Send an email to owner(s) explaining that you want to take over ownership of the name they control and why, make sure to CC

Hopefully the owners will give you access to the name, but that might not always be the case. If the owners are unresponsive you will gain access to the name after 30 days if the Hex team agrees to your request.

If you wish to acquire an existing user and organization name

As with packages please contact the user or organization with a request for the name and CC in the email.

It is unlikely that we will transfer ownership of a user or organization name because it’s perfectly valid to have a user or organization without ever publishing packages so they do not apply to the abandoned or squatting policies. Additionally they may have private packages that are not visible to the outside, due to privacy concerns we cannot disclose if they have private packages. But in special circumstances we may consider transferring the ownership of the user or organization.

If you believe a name infringes on your copyright or trademark please refer to our Copyright policy for information on how to report such abuse.


Public email addresses may not always be available for users or organizations, in those cases email directly if you wish to dispute a name.

Keep in mind that the resolution of all name disputes are at the sole discretion of the Hex team.


This is a living document and may be updated from time to time. Please refer to the git history for this document to view the changes.