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  • leaked_passwords1.2.1

    16 416 Downloads

    Wrapper around Troy Hunt's endpoints for checking whether a given password has been leaked in any of his HaveIBeenPwned datasets. This wrapper uses the 'safe' endpoints by first calculating the SHA1 and then only POSTing the first 5 characters to the API endpoints.

  • oauth_mock_server0.1.3

    13 062 Downloads

    Simple server that returns dummy responses for testing OAuth, OpenID and SSO

  • test_dispatch0.3.3

    19 466 Downloads

    A library that adds the ability to use controller tests as integration tests without using headless browsers.

  • test_dispatch_form0.1.0


    Helper to test the dispatch of Phoenix forms in Elixir applications

  • ueberauth_oidc0.1.7

    24 577 Downloads

    An Ueberauth strategy for generic OpenID Connect authentication.