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Total Downloads
609 477

  • beam_inspect0.1.1

    6 759 Downloads

    Inspect how your elixir module looks like in erlang / core erlang

  • conductor0.5.0

    26 882 Downloads

    Simple package for api authorization.

  • enhanced_defstruct0.1.1


    EnhancedDefstruct is package that helps to create structs without invoking defmodule macro.

  • link_preview1.0.2

    7 624 Downloads

    LinkPreview is a package that tries to receive meta information from given http(s) address. Generated page struct includes website title, description, images and more.

  • mockery2.3.1

    546 642 Downloads

    Simple mocking library for asynchronous testing.

  • proto_response0.4.1

    21 058 Downloads

    Provides helper function similar to Phoenix.ConnTest.json_response/2, but for protobuf

Tobiasz Małecki