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170 501

  • bootstrap_icon_components1.10.3

    5 996 Downloads

    Macro for generating Phoenix components for Bootstrap icons. Only include the icons you need to avoid slow compilation and bloated modules.

  • canonical_host1.0.0

    8 405 Downloads

    Plug for redirecting all traffic to a canonical host.

  • classes1.0.1

    15 521 Downloads

    Pure function for generating CSS classes. Inspired by the popular classnames Javascript library.

  • cms0.11.1

    15 278 Downloads

    For fetching data from any headless CMS with an ETS cache for lightning fast response times.

  • gql0.6.2

    5 848 Downloads

    Simple GraphQL client.

  • igc0.4.0


    Library for parsing IGC paragliding track files.

  • nerves_system_rpi3_dht111.0.0-rc.0


    Nerves System - Raspberry Pi 3 B with DHT11/DHT22 DT overlay

  • oban_sentry_reporter1.0.2

    22 127 Downloads

    Reports Oban job failures to Sentry.

  • sanity2.0.0

    28 014 Downloads

    Client library for Sanity CMS.

  • sanity_cache0.4.0


    Opinionated library for caching Sanity CMS content in an ETS table for submillisecond response times.

  • sanity_components0.13.1

    18 486 Downloads

    Phoenix components for rendering Sanity CMS data, including portable text and images.

  • sanity_listen0.2.1

    1 854 Downloads

    Listen for changes to Sanity CMS documents in realtime.

  • sanity_sync0.5.2

    7 967 Downloads

    For syncing content from Sanity CMS to Ecto/PostgreSQL.

  • shopql0.2.2

    4 472 Downloads

    Simple Shopify GraphQL client.

  • single0.2.0

    17 521 Downloads

    Runs supervised, singleton processes within an Erlang cluster.

  • tp_link0.4.1


    Interact with TP-Link/Kasa devices via the cloud or local network.

  • unsafe_atomize_keys1.1.1

    16 948 Downloads

    Function to convert all binary keys to atoms in a map.

Brian Alexander