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  • ex_brace_expansion0.0.2

    7 832 Downloads

    Brace expansion, as known from sh/bash, in Elixir. Quick example:

    ExBraceExpansion.expand("file-{a,b,c}.jpg") => ["file-a.jpg", "file-b.jpg", "file-c.jpg"]

  • ex_minimatch0.0.1

    7 369 Downloads

    Globbing paths without walking the tree! Elixir and Erlang provide `wildcard` functions in the stdlib. But these will walk the directory tree. If you simply want to test whether a file path matches a glob, ExMinimatch is for you.

  • sweet_xml0.7.4

    54 429 435 Downloads

    A sweet wrapper of :xmerl to help query XML docs