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376 119

  • bing_translator2.0.0

    20 530 Downloads

    Translate strings using the Bing HTTP API. Requires that you have a Client ID and Secret. See README.md for information.

  • chexes0.1.5

    1 710 Downloads

    None, funny module.

  • common_device_detector0.3.0


    Detect devices that desktop, mobile, smartphone and tabled form User Agent.

  • esx0.7.3

    6 173 Downloads

    A client for the Elasticsearch with Ecto, written in Elixir

  • exfavicon0.3.3

    1 759 Downloads

    A exfavicon to detect a site's favicon.

  • exkanji1.0.0

    6 699 Downloads

    A Elixir library for translating between hiragana, katakana, romaji, kanji and sound. It uses Mecab.

  • exromaji1.0.0

    14 371 Downloads

    A Elixir library for translating between hiragana, katakana, romaji and sound.

  • phoenix_html_simplified_helpers2.1.0

    173 400 Downloads

    Some view helpers for phoenix html( truncate, time_ago_in_words, number_with_delimiter, url_for, current_page? )

  • rdtype0.5.1

    1 535 Downloads

    Calling Redis Data Types in easily way

  • redisank0.1.3


    A common ranking system on Redis with Plug

  • scrivener_esx0.2.1

    1 247 Downloads

    Pagination(Scrivener) for ESx

  • sitemap1.1.0

    146 265 Downloads

    Generating sitemap.xml

  • sitesx0.11.0


    A Phoenix SubDomainer which makes subdomain using DigitalOcean, Cloudflare, etc. API and contains convenient view helper interface along with Plug and Ecto

  • wakaway0.5.0


    There're Walker's Alias Method and Weighted Choice that providing weighted random choice algorism in two ways.

Tatsuo Ikeda