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  • adap0.0.1

    2 811 Downloads

    Create a data stream across your information systems to query, augment and transform data according to Elixir matching rules.

  • calibex0.1.0

    35 008 Downloads

    Calibex is an ICal Elixir library which focus in bijective coding/decoding in order to allow ICal transformation, ICal email request and responses, and easy non-standard fields inclusion.

  • delayed_otp0.0.4

    66 014 Downloads

    Delay death of supervisor children or gen_server : for instance Erlang supervisor with exponential backoff restart strategy.

  • dotx0.3.1

    3 410 Downloads

    Dotx is a full feature library for DOT file parsing and generation. The whole spec [https://www.graphviz.org/doc/info/lang.html](https://www.graphviz.org/doc/info/lang.html) is implemented.

  • ewebmachine2.3.2

    121 271 Downloads

    Ewebmachine contains macros and plugs to allow you to compose HTTP decision handlers and run the HTTP decision tree to get your HTTP response. This project is a rewrite for Elixir and Plug of basho webmachine.

  • exfsm0.1.3

    4 668 Downloads

    Simple elixir library to define composable FSM as function (not related at all with `:gen_fsm`, no state/process management)

  • exos2.0.0

    104 667 Downloads

    Create a GenServer in any language.

    Exos contains a very simple GenServer which proxy calls and casts to a given port command, encoding and decoding the message to the port using erlang external binary term format. (see related projects : clojure|python|node_erlastic on https://github.com/kbrw)

  • gitex0.2.0

    2 210 Downloads

    Elixir implementation of the Git object storage, but with the goal to implement the same semantic with other storage and topics

  • json_stream0.0.2

    113 312 Downloads

    Small but useful wrapper above erlang `jsx` to stream json elements from an Elixir binary stream.

  • mailibex0.2.1

    3 657 Downloads

    Mailibex is an email library in Elixir : currently implements DKIM, SPF, DMARC, MimeMail (using iconv nif for encoding), MimeType (and file type detection), a simplified api to modify or create mimemail as a keyword list.

  • plug_forwarded_peer0.1.0

    261 864 Downloads

    Very simple plug which reads `X-Forwarded-For` or `Forwarded` header according to rfc7239 and fill `conn.remote_ip` with the root client ip.

  • reaxt4.0.2

    18 041 Downloads

    Use your react components into your elixir application, using webpack compilation.

  • rulex0.2.0

    1 521 Downloads

    Rulex contains a very simple macro "defrule" allowing you to write a rule system using Elixir pattern matching.

  • stemex0.2.1

    18 155 Downloads

    Stemex is a NIF wrapper above snowball containing stemmers for : danish, dutch, english, finnish, french, german, hungarian, italian, kraaij_pohlmann, lovins, norwegian, portuguese, romanian, russian, spanish, swedish, turkish.

  • sweet_xml0.7.4

    55 202 853 Downloads

    A sweet wrapper of :xmerl to help query XML docs

  • zip_stream0.1.0

    31 851 Downloads

    Library to read zip file in a stream. Zip file binary stream -> stream of {:new_file,name} or uncompressed_bin

    Erlang zlib library only allows deflate decompress stream. But Erlang zip library does not allow content streaming.