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  • bypass2.1.0

    8 385 941 Downloads

    Bypass provides a quick way to create a custom plug that can be put in place instead of an actual HTTP server to return prebaked responses to client requests. This is helpful when you want to create a mock HTTP server and test how your HTTP client handles different types of server responses.

  • cobertura_cover0.9.0

    164 342 Downloads

    A plugin for `mix test --cover` that writes a `coverage.xml` file compatible with Jenkins' Cobertura plugin.

  • ex2ms1.7.0

    5 484 771 Downloads

    Translates Elixir functions to match specifications for use with `ets`.

  • lager_logger1.0.5

    240 921 Downloads

    LagerLogger is a lager backend that forwards all log messages to Elixir's Logger.

  • sidejob2.1.0

    198 408 Downloads

    sidejob is an Erlang library that implements a parallel, capacity-limited request pool. In sidejob, these pools are called resources. A resource is managed by multiple gen_server like processes which can be sent calls and casts using sidejob:call or sidejob:cast respectively.

  • sidetask1.1.2

    96 326 Downloads

    SideTask is an alternative to Elixir's Task.Supervisor that uses Basho's sidejob library for better parallelism and to support capacity limiting of Tasks. All calls that start a new task require a sidejob resource as argument and can return `{:error, :overload}`.

  • zbase322.0.0

    210 754 Downloads

    Efficient implementation of z-base-32, Phil Zimmermann's human-oriented base-32 encoding.