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55 195

  • blockchain_info0.0.3

    4 446 Downloads

    WIP BlockchainInfo API wrapper for Elixir. Provides access to bitcoin blockchain data.

  • ccxtex0.4.3

    5 990 Downloads

    Use ccxt (cryptocurrency trading library) with Elixir

  • coincap_io0.0.4

    1 716 Downloads

    WIP, unstable Elixir API wrapper for coincap.io. Provides access to market capitalization data of bitcoin, altcoins and cryptotokens.

  • coinmarketcap_api2.0.1

    7 608 Downloads

    Coinmarketcap.com v2 API client for Elixir/Erlang. Provides access to ticker and historical data for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero, etc.

  • cryptocomparex0.1.2


    Cryptocomparex is an unofficial Elixir/Erlang API client for Cryptocompare API.

  • deviant_elixir0.0.4

    1 398 Downloads

    WIP. Unstable alpha. Elixir API wrapper for Deviant Art. At this moment provides only RSS feeds intergac.

  • etherchain_org0.0.7

    1 892 Downloads

    WIP Elixir API wrapper for etherchain.org. Provides access to ethereum blockchain data.

  • ex_blocktrail0.2.2

    2 765 Downloads

    WIP. Elixir wrapper for blocktrail.com Bitcoin api and some utility functions.

  • ex_golos0.11.1

    3 338 Downloads

    Elixir websockets library and utilities for GOLOS JSONRPC websocket interface

  • graphene_client_ex0.4.0

    1 061 Downloads

    Elixir websockets library and utilities for Bitshares/Graphene 2.0 blockchain

  • kunaio_ex0.1.0


    Elixir HTTP client library and utilities for Kuna.io

  • livecoin_ex0.1.0


    livecoin.net API client for Elixir/Erlang. Provides access to ticker and trading data for cryptocurrency pairs

  • map_keys0.1.0

    16 803 Downloads

    Unsurprisingly, MapKeys is a module for manipulation of map keys

  • poloniex0.1.1

    2 488 Downloads

    WIP, not stable Elixir API wrapper for poloniex.com. Provides access to market data including trading pairs between ETH, BTC, DOGE, LTC and others.

  • steemex0.14.3

    3 922 Downloads

    Elixir HTTP/Websockets client library for official Steemit API and standard steemd JSONRPC interface. Includes module for pseudo realtime streaming of block, transaction and operation events.

  • waveschainex0.2.0


    Elixir/Erlang client for WAVES blockchain REST API

  • zx24ht1.0.0


    Do not use