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Total Downloads
4 134 129

  • fiet0.3.0

    3 916 Downloads

    Fiết is a feed parser in Elixir, which aims to provide extensibility, speed, and standard compliance to feed parsing.

  • fml0.1.0


    Flexible, fast, fun XML parser in Elixir

  • forgery0.2.0

    37 866 Downloads

    A slim data generator that does not compromise extensibility.

  • goodoo0.1.0


    A simple, robust, and highly customizable health check solution written in Elixir

  • nabo2.0.0

    2 151 Downloads

    A dead simple, extendable and fast blog engine in Elixir

  • saxmerl0.1.0

    52 057 Downloads

    Saxmerl is a fast and memory efficient parser in Elixir that parses XML documents into `:xmerl` format.

  • saxy1.5.0

    4 024 684 Downloads

    Saxy is an XML parser and encoder in Elixir that focuses on speed and standard compliance.

  • vaxin0.1.0

    12 717 Downloads

    A data validator combinator library for Elixir

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