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  • cloudex1.4.1

    137 258 Downloads

    A library that helps with uploading image files and urls to cloudinary. Also provides a helper to generate transformations and cloudinary urls pointing to your images

  • currency_formatter0.8.1

    234 407 Downloads

    A library to help with formatting a number to a currency using iso standards and other convenience functions related to formatting currencies

  • ecto_translate1.0.0

    7 058 Downloads

    EctoTranslate is a library that helps with translating Ecto data. EctoTranslate can help you with returning translated values of your Ecto data attributes. For this it uses a singe table called 'translations' which will contain polymorphic entries for all of your Ecto data stucts.

  • everything_location0.0.1


    A library to verify and complete address information via

  • open_exchange_rates0.3.0


    A library that can convert currencies and uses automatic updating of the currrency rates using

  • routjes1.1.0


    An Elixir library that can extract the Phoenix router paths and create a java/typescript module of them.

  • set_locale0.2.9

    152 927 Downloads

    A Phoenix Plug to help with supporting I18n routes ( Will also set Gettext to the requested locale used in the url when supported by your Gettext.

  • ueberauth_paypal0.2.0


    An Uberauth strategy for Paypal authentication.