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  • bno0550.0.1

    1 563 Downloads

    OTP application for reading the BNO-055 absolute orientation sensor.

    Euler angles are read at 20hz and published to a configured local `gproc` property.

  • crc0.10.5

    742 386 Downloads

    A library used to calculate CRC checksums for binary data.

  • ex_aws_sqs3.4.0

    4 392 325 Downloads

    ExAws.SQS service package

  • hmc5883l0.5.0


    OTP application for reading the HMC5883L 3-axis magnetometer.

    Magnetic heading is read at approx. 13hz (every 75ms)

  • mon_handler1.0.3

    1 455 Downloads

    A minimal GenServer that monitors a given GenEvent handler.

    This server will handle exits of the Handler and attempt to re-add it to the manager when unexpected exits occur.

    Exits for :normal, :shutdown or :swapped reasons will not attempt a re-add to the manager.

Rodney N