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Total Downloads
1 168 381

  • belp0.2.2

    1 010 Downloads

    A simple Boolean Expression Lexer and Parser.

  • command_runner0.2.0


    An Elixir library providing a simple API to start and stop shell commands.

  • database_yaml_config_provider0.1.0


    A config provider to load a database.yml file as Ecto configuration.

  • delx3.0.0

    10 670 Downloads

    An Elixir library to make function delegation testable.

  • es_client1.0.0

    1 420 Downloads

    A minimalistic Elasticsearch client for Elixir.

  • file_size3.0.1

    49 320 Downloads

    A file size calculator, parser and formatter.

  • file_size_ecto3.0.1

    2 147 Downloads

    Provides types for file sizes that you can use in your Ecto schemata.

  • fl_hook_client2.0.0


    A library that allows connecting to Freelancer game servers via an FLHook socket to run commands and receive events.

  • font_awesomex4.0.0

    5 510 Downloads

    A library that provides a helper to easily integrate Font Awesome into your Phoenix application.

  • graphql_ws_client2.0.1


    A client for connecting with GraphQL over Websockets following the graphql-ws conventions.

  • sftp_client1.4.7

    1 079 807 Downloads

    An Elixir SFTP Client that wraps Erlang's ssh and ssh_sftp.

  • tint1.1.0

    13 244 Downloads

    A library allowing calculations with colors and conversions between different colorspaces.

  • toml_config0.1.0

    4 082 Downloads

    A config provider to read TOML configuration files that works with Elixir (1.9+) releases.

Tobias Casper